curated by Kris day Herrick Gallery


arc., the second collaboration between Kristian Day Gallery & Herrick Gallery, Mayfair, brings together works by Fani Parali, Victor Seaward, Mark Corfield-Moore and Nathaniel Faulkner, that explore the expanding nature of materiality through notions of communication, code, ritual and re-contextualisation.

Each artist uses various mediums and seemingly unrelated subject matter in their work, but what becomes evident is the illusion of a new tangibility in the materials they alter and combine together. 

Acting as a counterpoint to the dark, intriguing and sometimes glamorous patterns and images woven onto Corfield-Moore’s tapestries is Seaward’s hauntingly surreal, object filled, industrial vitrine. Similarly, Faulkner’s sleek looking IBM computer façade that soon comes to be seen as nothing but a redundant copy; monumental but nevertheless child-like, and his absurdly elongated chair both draw the viewer into a parallel universe where function has given way to provocation and implausibility. We ask ourselves why and how these things exist, curious, we want to touch them and become familiar with them because they seem so familiar yet are without the ability to, remain alien in their new purpose and form. At the same time, Parali’s video projections, rich in colour and narrative, offer an added component of speech and communication; one that is just as enticing and combatant as the other works. 

Featuring; Fani Parali, Victor Seaward, Mark Corfield-Moore and Nathaniel Faulkner.

'Deep Blue' < VIEW >

'The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nation's Millennium General Assembly' < VIEW >




Photographs by Corey Bartle-Sanderson