‘Italian for Beginners’

Nathaniel Faulkner & Joe Richardson

‘Italian for Beginners humorously restages a collection of cinematic objects and images, exploring ideas of simulation. You'll have the opportunity to engage with props including Wild Western style saloon doors and catalogued images of film memorabilia.

Much of Nathaniel Faulkner’s work and research focuses on the debate surrounding myth and science, often combining archetypal motifs and imagery with references to popular culture and recent events.

Joe Richardson’s work examines male behaviour in pubs, cartoons, and film, dealing with anxiety surrounding success and the performance of 'masculinity'. The works operate as commentators, facades, and stages for 'masculinity' to be played out on, examined, and ridiculed, questioning whether failure can provide cathartic liberation from 'masculine' norms.’

(February 2019)

This exhibition was kindly supported by Arts Council England.